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Paradise Valley, AZ

About Us

We are a leader in the solar systems. Based in the Paradise Valley, we specializes in designing, financing, installation, energy audits, monitoring, and related services in the solar industry.
As a licensed solar installation provider, we serve residential, government and commercial customers. We’ve become an industry’s leader in solar business with our team members who bring great history in solar industry. All our team members have an established track record of very successful management of the solar programs, rebates, maintenance and installations.
We offer experience and a great passion for solar business. We include innovative solar system designing, construction, and solar generation monitoring to apply solar solutions with highest return on investments. With long term strategical partnerships with top vendors in solar power product industry this enables us to integrate ideal solar power system built up with your particular "green energy" objectives in mind which will continue to generate beyond expectations well in the future.
We always guarantee our solar systems with the industry leading warranties, plus offer ongoing technical support which makes the transition flawless to solar electricity in order to create power independence for our customers and decrease your carbon footprint at the same time. We can also set remote monitoring up as a solution so as to monitor the production performance. This guarantees that the solar  array is really performing to specs and delivering optimum returns on "green energy" generation.
Solar Investment Experience
Knowing the return on investments is very important for our clients. Our great experience in vertical market such as commercial real estate investment, financial services, solar energy incentive, construction and solar power development has given depth to meet goals of our customers. Our aim is to capitalize on your returns on the most latest solar energy incentives in order to build up the most rewarding monetary model. We offer comprehensive investment strategy utilizing solar cash rebate, solar energy facility,  solar savings along with green financing in order to ensure the potential cash flow of the project is on the target.

Our expert service

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Committed To Each Step
We perform a primary examination of your whole property and previous utility bills to find out how much electricity do you use and when.
We do preliminary designing that addresses your specific solar energy objectives, and then offer you with no-obligation quote and initial ROI calculations.
If you select to move ahead, then we will perform a thorough and on-site complete inspection of your roofs and structures to testify our preliminary designs, and make any alterations to system configuration.
Then we will assist you to explore different financing options, and offer you with details on solar incentives accessible in your area which can help you to offset almost 30percent of purchase price.
Once financing is complete, we will schedule the installation. It can take time anywhere from two weeks to months, depending on workload and time of year.